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Early Childhood Education Pensacola | Malena’s Mini School

We care about your child’s health and nutrition.

Nutrition is an essential part of your child’s health. We make sure to include a healthy balance of grains, fruits, vegetables, and meat. We understand the importance of preventing childhood obesity and provide a healthy balance of activity, mentally challenging activities, and food. We focus on balance and variety. Contact us to request any alteration to the menu due to allergies, medical conditions, or religious observances.

We provide varied menus to keep mealtime exciting.

We want to provide your child with varied and nutritious food selections. We offer five various weekly menus that focus on low levels of fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, moderate levels of sugar and salt, and enough iron and calcium for children. A weekly menu example includes:


  • Breakfast: Apple juice, cornflakes, milk
  • Lunch: Ham, roll, egg noodles, green beans, sweet potatoes, milk
  • Snack: Crackers, assorted vegetables, and ranch


  • Breakfast: Seasonal fresh fruit, banana muffin, milk
  • Lunch: Spaghetti (with ground turkey or beef), Italian bread, tossed salad, pears, milk
  • Snack: Flavored yogurt and seasonal fruit


  • Breakfast: Fresh orange slices, cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, milk
  • Lunch: Baked chicken, rice, whole wheat roll, peas and carrots, peaches, milk
  • Snack: Oatmeal cookie, milk


  • Breakfast: Grape juice, Special K cereal, sausage biscuit, milk
  • Lunch: Breaded fish sticks, biscuit, cole slaw, fruit salad, milk
  • Snack: Banana, peanut butter


  • Breakfast: Pears, French toast with syrup, milk
  • Lunch: Tacos (with soft flour tortilla and ground turkey or beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, rice), corn, milk
  • Snack: Tortilla chips and string cheese