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Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Pensacola | Malena’s Mini School Specific Curricula

We have specific curricula for children of multiple age groups.

We have particular, selected activities for children based on their ages and developmental stages. We chart your child’s progress, update you regarding any concerns, and encourage all improvement your child presents. From infancy to voluntary pre-kindergarten, we’re here to ensure your child’s preparedness for school.

  • Infants: Our teachers adore the infants in their care. We truly believe that infants deserve our constant attention.
  • Toddlers: We allow toddlers to grow, learn, and explore in a safe, reassuring, and challenging environment.
  • Twos: Two-year-olds are capable of puzzles, basic math projects, and more. We teach to their growing attention span.
  • Threes: Children learn the alphabet at this stage, promoting a strong foundation for literacy. At this age, we begin group learning.
  • Fours: Our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program furthers our foundation in literacy. We administer pre and post-VPK tests to ensure your child’s readiness for kindergarten – and to measure academic progress. Children learn the language, math, science, and art.

Our focus is hands-on learning and engaging children in active play while learning to interact with others.