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VPK Program Mary Esther FL

Difference Between Preschool and Kindergarten

Are you looking to enrolling your child in VPK? If you do, it will give them the jump start they need to be ready for the classroom. VPK will advance their reading skills, math, language and social skills as well. When they develop these talents at an early age, they are more likely to succeed in school. Voluntary Prekindergarten facilities offer high-quality programs that include high literacy standards, fitting curricula, practical class sizes, and experienced teachers in Mary Esther FL. Do you know that if your child is is going to be 4 years old before September 1, you can be entitled to FREE VPK to start in August? Yes. If your child will be four by September 1 of the school year, then she is entitled to FREE VPK. At Malena’s together with our reading, math and language programs, we also organize fun activities to our students, as they learn.

Malena’s Mini School team of childcare professionals are all fully certified, recognized and have several years of experience in early child care and {teaching|tutoring|education. So, they are devoted to educating children ensuring that they can all grow fully prepared for the years ahead in the community of Mary Esther FL. With that information, we encourage you to choose Malena’s Mini School to join your child in our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program. There are several options available to you as a parent, but we trust that you will chose from one of our two locations. Malena’s happily serve the residents in the Gulf Shores AL area. To register your child for FREE Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program at Malena’s Mini School please visit our registration page.

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Finding a Safe Environment While Parents Work

Having children is a great joy and responsibility that requires your continual attention. When you cannot be with the little ones, it is essential that you find a safe environment for them to be in. At Malena’s Mini School we have everything that your children will need while you are busy working to provide their needs and wants.

While teens can tend to themselves after school, younger kids need supervised care. When both parents work outside of the home, it can be a challenge to find a certified place to entrust with the care of your precious little one. At Malena’s, we have done everything possible to help assuage your fears.

Everyone that will interact with your kids has been properly background screened and trained in child care techniques to keep them safe and entertained while in our care. You can rest assured that your kids will have proper nutrition and have plenty to do to keep them having fun and learning.

For the youngest members of the group who still need to take afternoon naps, they can enjoy the quiet time necessary to get their rest so they can wake up refreshed and ready to join you for the trip home.

Parenting responsibilities can be tough, particularly when it comes to child care. We are proud to present a safe environment for your kids to enjoy after school. You can then focus on your work and career when you need to and relax, enjoying your time together when you get home. Much better than hiring an inexperienced caretaker to look after your kids, you can entrust your youngsters to us. Safety is vital to our training to ensure the kids in our care are safe. Contact us today to learn more!

VPK in Perdido FL

A Quality Checklist For Evaluating A Voluntary Pre School Facility

In November 2002, a constitutional amendment was passed in the state of Florida that established the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program for all 4-year olds. Documented studies have revealed that preschool is one of the best investments a city can ever make for its youth. According to a California study, the city and schools save $2.62 for every dollar spent on preschool. The savings comes through lower high school dropout and crime rates. A different study showed that children in Tampa schools will be less likely to need remedial education, more likely to read by the third grade, and have higher chances [...]

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Why VPK Education Is The Right Choice For Your Child

Voluntary prekindergarten education programs (VPK) are designed to provide young children an educational jumpstart by enhancing their pre-math, pre-reading, social skills, and language skills. Studies show that children that are good readers and focused students at an early age are the most likely to be successful students later. VPK classrooms, such as Malena's Mini School, offer programs that promote high literacy standards, and provide curricula appropriate for your child's developmental stage, small class sizes, and qualified VPK teachers. Often children of that age group are left with babysitters while the parents work, however that does nothing to promote their well-being. [...]

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Get Your Child Ready For Kindergarten

Are you DREADING your child’s first day of kindergarten? Remember your first day or even the first day of one your older children? Take a walk down memory lane. Do you remember the gripping fear YOU had as your parents or guardians dropped you off? If it was an older child, do you remember having to talk them down that you were not leaving them for good, that you were coming back, that everything was going to be alright? Perhaps you just want your child to get ahead and be prepared for school. Regardless of your reasoning, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten or [...]

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