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Summer Day Camp Magnolia Springs AL, Fl?

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Are you looking for a well regarded summer time day camp, you need to take a look at the program at Malena’s! A top rated summer day camp program is one where kids learn rather than just play! Malena’s Mini School is more than just fun and play. On average Malena’s students get up to 20% more educational value than your ordinary day camp in Magnolia Springs AL. If you have any doubts take a look at our reviews! Malena’s Summer Day Camp is without a doubt the best reviewed day camp in Magnolia Springs AL. With that said, at Malena’s we are aware that when it comes to choosing a summer time day camp in the Spanish Fort AL area you have choices. That is the mainreason why we put a lot of efforts in making sure every kid has an great summer day camp experience.

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Finding a Safe Environment While Parents Work

Having children is a great joy and responsibility that requires your continual attention. When you cannot be with the little ones, it is essential that you find a safe environment for them to be in. At Malena’s Mini School we have everything that your children will need while you are busy working to provide their needs and wants.

While teens can tend to themselves after school, younger kids need supervised care. When both parents work outside of the home, it can be a challenge to find a certified place to entrust with the care of your precious little one. At Malena’s, we have done everything possible to help assuage your fears.

Everyone that will interact with your kids has been properly background screened and trained in child care techniques to keep them safe and entertained while in our care. You can rest assured that your kids will have proper nutrition and have plenty to do to keep them having fun and learning.

For the youngest members of the group who still need to take afternoon naps, they can enjoy the quiet time necessary to get their rest so they can wake up refreshed and ready to join you for the trip home.

Parenting responsibilities can be tough, particularly when it comes to child care. We are proud to present a safe environment for your kids to enjoy after school. You can then focus on your work and career when you need to and relax, enjoying your time together when you get home. Much better than hiring an inexperienced caretaker to look after your kids, you can entrust your youngsters to us. Safety is vital to our training to ensure the kids in our care are safe. Contact us today to learn more!

Summer Time Day Camp in Holt FL

How You Can Save Money This Summer

Summer will be upon us before you know it. Do you have a plan for your child or children? Summer is often a time that children look forward to, but it can also be a time that can be stressful for parents. If you are a working parent, then this can be even more stressful as you begin to look and explore the different activities, programs and even perhaps child care services. Which in turn brings about the thought of cost! Why not check out Malena’s Mini School Summer Day Camp? For as little as $22 a day they’ll get [...]

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Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late To Choose a Summer Camp

Summer seems so far away…right? There’s no need to start planning for at least a few months, right? We hate to tell you this, but if you wait too long, you just may end up paying for it in one way or another. When it comes to your children, you really cannot afford to wait and put things off. If you have been searching for this specific phrase “Summer Camps Pensacola FL,” then let us tell you that you aren’t the only one. There are many parents and families out there that are searching this very phrase - Summer Camps [...]

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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Summer Camp.

Are all summer camps created equally? Should you just select the first one that comes up in your search engine when you type in the phrase “Summer Camp Pensacola?” While you could randomly choose one, there are some criteria that you will need to use, in order to ensure that your child is getting the kind of experience you want for them. Here’s a look at three things you should keep in mind as you begin the process: Diversity of Activities If you don’t have any preference on specific activities, but just want your children to experience a wide variety [...]

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