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Escambia County urges parents to register children for VPK

Every parent is aware of how significant school is for their child’s growth during the K-12 years. Yet it doesn’t just end after the bell rings at 3 P.M. An After School Activity is a great way to further progress your child’s educational growth. Your children will have vital relationships in a progressive environment and acquire skills they’ll need for college and beyond. There are many advantages of joining your children in an After-school Program at Malena’s Mini School; we welcome all children in Avalon Beach FL. Are you aware that students in After-school Programs are likely to not skip school? These students tend to feel more relaxed in this informal setting and are able to ask questions at any time with regards to their assignment and get help if they need it. Other programs introduce children to mathematics and science, getting them excited about these subjects. This can lead to better efforts in school courses and less absent days due to skipping because your kids may be more interested.

At Malena’s Mini School After School Care your child can also benefit both emotionally and socially if they feel a positive connection to others. The relationships that are nurtured between staff and children in our after-school program in Avalon Beach FL help by concentrating on good personality traits. Your kids will learn lessons like open-mindedness and respectfulness because that’s what is expected of them. Learning leadership skills is an additional important result of children sharing in after-school programs. Not only will your children have character-building experiences but because of the physical activities they take part in, they will burn extra energy. Malena’s After School Care provides healthy meals and snacks, and our caregivers can also instruct your child on proper nutrition, something that they can use for the rest of their lives. We happily serve the residents of Mobile AL. To register your child for After School Program at Malena’s please go to our registration page.

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Escambia County urges parents to register children for VPK

How You Can Save Money This Summer

Summer will be upon us before you know it. Do you have a plan for your child or children? Summer is often a time that children look forward to, but it can also be a time that can be stressful for parents. If you are a working parent, then this can be even more stressful as you begin to look and explore the different activities, programs and even perhaps child care services. Which in turn brings about the thought of cost! Why not check out Malena’s Mini School Summer Day Camp? For as little as $22 a day they’ll get breakfast, lunch and a snack. They will also engage in TONS of activities like swimming and going to the movies. Think about that for a second.

If you had to find child care service for the ENTIRE day, would you be able to foot that bill including meals for as little as $22? Let’s say the hourly child care rate was $10 per hour for just a half day or 4 hours, you are already looking at $40 a day. If you were to put them in for the entire day, then those costs could shoot through the roof. Have we got your attention yet? When it comes down to it, you really just want a program that will take care of them. You really just want a program where they can learn AND have fun at the same time. Realistically, near the top of this list is a summer camp that won’t leave you having to take on a second job. Which is why we would suggest Malena’s Mini School Summer Day Camp.

There are two locations for you to choose from and they’ll be able to participate in tons of fun activities such as:

  • Swimming – Summer gets hot. You already know that. What better way for your kids to cool off than to go swimming? We will ensure your children’s safety any time they are in the water.
  • Cooking – Who doesn’t like to eat? Your child will be able to learn how to make simple dishes that they can share once they get home. They will always be supervised, so any cooking that will need to be done beyond basic mixing of ingredients will have one of our staff members there to assist.
  • Crafts – What summer camp would be complete without any craft activities? You probably remember doing arts and crafts as a child in school, or even in your own summer camp experiences. We’ll have many different craft activities for them to choose from, and we’ll be sure that they can take some things home to share with you.
  • Movies – We won’t always be on the go, so if you are worried that your child may be getting too much physical activity, please rest assured knowing that we do have times of relaxation. We’ll be watching movies that your child will enjoy and perhaps may even ask you to watch with them once they get home.
  • Field Trips – What was one of your fondest memories of school? If you are like many, then your answer will probably be field trips. We’ll be taking the kids on a variety of field trips throughout the summer. These trips will help build memories for years to come, just as you have through your own experiences as a child.

Our staff has decades of experience in education, training and daycare. Our very own founder, Malena Morehouse, has over 30 years of directing Preschool daycare and is still going strong. You can rest assured that we not only know how to teach and care for your child, but we also know how to have fun! This is a summer day camp that you’ll child will look forward to. Guess what happens when summer rolls around and children just sit around the house? If you guessed a summer full of boredom and laziness, then you guessed correctly. We want to put an end to that. What better way to get them away from the video games and junk food, than to send them to our summer camp?

Here are some of the benefits your child will be able to enjoy as a result of attending:

  • Fun – The gift of fun! Yes, we just had to put this in there because it is really the foundation of why your child will want to attend. They WILL have fun. If they don’t want to have fun then tell them too bad, they’re going to have LOTS and LOTS of fun.
  • Constant Socialization – If you want your child to interact more with other children, or to just work on their social skills, then this is a camp that you will want them to attend. We will be doing a variety of activities that will call for them to socialize amongst their peers.
  • All In One – Some summer programs have costs for this, that and the other. The one-time activity fee plus the weekly tuition will cover it all. You are getting childcare, meals, activities and constant supervision. Oh yeah, and FUN. Did we mention that one already?

As you can see, we really believe this is THE summer camp for your child, but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what one happy parent had to say: “I love the after school program at Malena’s Mini School. The staff is great and keeps the kids busy. Their Summer Camp program is also great. The kids stay very busy.” – Alexandra F.

We hope that you do consider us for your child’s summer plans. We believe in our summer camp and believe that your child can benefit tremendously by attending.

We won’t make many guarantees, but we can guarantee you this! We guarantee that your child will be in a safe and loving environment, that they won’t be bored and that they will have fun. If you have any further questions regarding our summer camp, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Having A Creativity Art Day Once Each Week

If you want your child to express themselves in a constructive way, you should have an art day each week. For children that don't like art, you may want to set up a day for learning an instrument or doing anything else that gets the creativity flowing in them. In today's world it's easy to give a child a tablet or some kind of device to play with. While there are some apps you can use to draw with or play music with, that doesn't mean that is what your kid is doing with it. Maybe they are watching videos [...]

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Finding a Safe Environment While Parents Work

Having children is a great joy and responsibility that requires your continual attention. When you cannot be with the little ones, it is essential that you find a safe environment for them to be in. At Malena's Mini School we have everything that your children will need while you are busy working to provide their needs and wants. While teens can tend to themselves after school, younger kids need supervised care. When both parents work outside of the home, it can be a challenge to find a certified place to entrust with the care of your precious little one. At [...]

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Assisted Homework Advice And Tips

Do you want to help your child with their homework? What about hiring a tutor or using some other kind of help? There are a lot of different ways to get homework done right, and you can learn more about what they are if you read on. One thing that can really help you learn more about a homework assignment is the internet. If your child comes to you and is having a problem figuring something out, you can get online and see if you can search for a solution to the problem. If you can't find the right answer [...]

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