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After School Pensacola | Malena’s Mini School

We understand that kids learn through engagement.

The school is never fun or easy when it’s boring. We aim to keep education fun and engaging. At Malena’s Mini School, we provide many regular creative activities. We also host special days and find that children look forward to these events very much.

Our activities allow children to learn about other cultures, grow in their area of interest, and explore what activities interest them the most. Children experience both group and individual learning with these activities, helping them learn in either capacity.

Kids look forward to our special days!

At Malena’s Mini School, children love to prepare for our special days. Special days include Olympic Field Day, Treasure Hunt Day, Game Show Day, and Spirit Day, which allows kids to participate in a different ‘silly’ activity each day. Our regular activities include:

  • Artistic activities
  • Cooking and food preparation
  • Dancing
  • Board games
  • Computer activities
  • Brain teasers
  • Choice of quiet or busy activity
  • Inside and outside play time